About Us

We offer independent, personalized asset management services.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Patrick Mauro Investment Advisor, Inc. (“PMIA”) is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers independent, personalized asset management services.

We are not a brokerage and do not operate on a commission-driven basis or market third party products. We are compensated only by fees based on net assets under management.

Our mission is to help individuals achieve their investment needs and objectives.  We emphasize one hundred percent integrity in our business and are completely non-conflicted in giving our clients the best investment advice possible.  Our over seventy years of professional experience and expertise in investment finance is reflected in every portfolio we manage.

PMIA believes in responsible investing.  Accordingly, PMIA has not and will not invest in companies with a core competency in (i) resource depletion such as fossil fuel extraction and deforestation, (ii) the manufacturing of firearms, or (iii) tobacco production and distribution.

PMIA also believes in long-term investing and not short-term speculation.  Depending on your unique financial position and objectives, we can develop a diversified investment portfolio that best suits you as an individual, while investing your money responsibly.  Please see our Capital Preservation and Income investment strategy and our Growth and Income investment strategy to learn more.

We look forward to working with you.