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About Us

Oak Brook, Illinois based Patrick Mauro Investment Advisor, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers independent, personalized asset management services. We emphasize one hundred percent integrity in our business and are completely non-conflicted in giving our clients the best investment advice possible. With over sixty years of professional experience in investment finance, we are confident in our ability to help anyone achieve their individual investment needs and objectives.

We are not a brokerage and do not operate on a commission-driven basis. We utilize the broker of your choice to execute your personal investment strategy. We are compensated only by fees based on net assets under management.

Depending on your unique financial position and objectives, we can develop a diversified investment portfolio that best suits you as an individual. Our investment management services can essentially be broken into two general strategies:

  1. Capital Preservation and Income
  2. Growth and Income

By blending these two independent strategies, we can deliver the optimal investment posture for any individual. To learn more about these strategies, select the appropriate link on the menu bar to your left.


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